My dad drove 50yrs. Didn't happen ta him. I been driving 11yrs now. No signs of it myself. Hmmmm!

this is why mediterranean woman are stunners in their 20's/30's and ragged old hags in their 60's. too much sun!

I'm a log truck driver in fl. Not saying this didn't happen. Just rare it did. Half my fam an friends drive trucks. Ain't none of them look like this. Lots of them been at it more than 25yrs!

I can assure you, that does happen if your skin is exposed to the hot sun everyday. Even your one arm gets burnt like that. It depends on your skin pigmentation. The darker skinned your are, the less chance of burning so badly. You must see some white skinned in Africa that get skin cancer, cause they don't put a sun protector cream on themselves. Why do you think Arabs where long outfits they do when they cross the deserts.

I can believe it, my fiance drives a truck for work and his left side of his arm and face is looking a lot different from the right, and that's just taking THIS summer into account. I can only imagine what it would be like if we lived in a hotter climate than Chicago

It says " this is what happens when YOU drive a truck 25yrs! It should read " when this person drove! It is a rare thing! I know 2 many truck drivers a know the difference!!! That a FACT!

It's not fake. My ex-husband was a truck driver for 25 years and had the same effect. The sun damages the elastin in your skin causing it to look weathered and aged much more quickly than without exposure. It happens to the left side of the neck and the left arm too if they are exposed often.

..After 23 years on the road my advice to you is to eat in your truck and limit yourself to one fairly healthy meal in a resteraunt. Also don't smoke keep clean on a schedule that works for you. Also drink lots of water and use body lotion. But most importantly learn how to say "NO" to poorly planned loads. As far as sleep goes you'll have to figure out if you're a day sleeper or night sleeper. One more tip throw the CB out the window. That way you won't have to deal with the potty mouthed steering wheel holders. Be safe and smart in all of your travels.

yes....if u are n direct sunlight everyday for hours without sunblock, or anything that covers it will age ur dramatically faster, however, this looks like a stroke....and if someone drank an adequate amount of water, ate enough fruit and veggies that maintain elasticity....then I wouldn't worry about it....water is most vital for health, elasticity, hydration.

The story is true, the picture is real. If people had enough sense to take two seconds and Google it you would find articles on Huffington Post, CNN, and several other news websites.