we could add kale in place of the tomato on this list (which is a fruit), or expand it to include vegetables and fruits. still a good list as-is

No kale, no celery, no beets.... tomatoes are not a vegetable, and "mushrooms" are not either... they are an entire group of foods on there own! Who cares about calories anyway? ♥ ♥

Fruits are the part of the plant that forms after a flower and contain the seeds. The debate of fruit or vegetable stems(groan) from a political definition involving taxation. Tomatoes were declared a vegetable by congress a long time ago to keep them from avoiding taxes that vegetables paid but not fruit or something like that.

What about kale? Isn't it a "superfood" and all that? All of these veggies are my friends, for sure, but kale is like the fountain of youth. Do it. Eat kale. (Ryan would say eat chia seeds, but I am backing kale).