I'm am living proof for the aspartame. it is the only thing in my entire 35 yrs to cause me to have seizures and its in its in baby tylenol too. It is the only thing to cause seizures in my son as well. Dr. Gentile Takamoto m.d. verified this and told me its a neurotoxin used as chemical warfare and has more complaints to fda then all other food and meds combined. It had even caused deaths and is two naturally occuring amino acids But in a ratio that is not at all found in ur body naturally

ugar is an addiction so if you need to flavour your whisky with something artificial you either don't like whisky or you simply like being drunk.

Alcohol is made from sugar and the body treats them both the same more or less and yes you can get the same high low kick from sugar consumption that you get from alcohol, light headedness as well and all the other diseases that go with alcohol.

I don't understand why anyone drinks this stuff. It made me feel sick whenever I tried it and left me feeling disgusting.

Sugar is turned into cholesterol, it's probably one of the reasons for high cholesterol levels in modern man.

The only reason people drink this stuff is because it is artificially nice, and that is not enough reason to consume anything if it doesn't actually provide anything nutritional and that is just the sugar effect.

People who say they love chocolate really mean they love chocolate flavoured sugar.

The high fructose version makes livers develop Fatty Lipids syndrome, people are accused of being alcoholics. The Aspartame in *anything*, tells your body to store fat, as well as crave more. Has to do with the Excito-toxin portion of the chemical. The acid water, creates an acid body wide status. The body will attempt to protect the heart and other vital organs from this, by leaching out minerals from the bones.

All of us are talking about Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare -- ostensibly because Medicare is getting too expensive.
-- I’m hopeful that someday we, the people, will wake up and realize that we are part of the problem.
-- Millions of us eat and drink things that damage our health, day in and day out, for decades on end, until finally our systems can't recover and we start to suffer disease.
-- Please read/watch the works of Dr. T. Colin Campbell. He’s proven that cancer can be turned on and off by changing the percentage of animal protein in the Diet. (See “The China Study.”)
-- Or Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who was the Chief of Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic. In his Ted Talks presentation he says that heart disease is a “food borne disease” and that we can make heart attacks a thing of history. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqKNfyUPzoU)
-- Or Dr. Joel Furhman, author of the Eat to Live series of books and DVDs. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGrmA8iylds)

ugar(carbs) raise your insulin levels and that causes your body to store fat and create triglycerides( 3 fatty acids combined with a molecule of glycerol), which keep you fat.

Forgot an important one....leaches calcium from bones and deposits in kidneys to make stones.

no.. there's many more ... thats just 7 of them..damaged arteries, hives and anaphylactic symptoms have been traced to penicillin in milk, soft drinks, and frozen dinners, low blood calcium levels, aspartame sweetners contain methyl or wood alcohol, which can affect fetal brain development. Heavy soda drinking can interfere with your body's metabolization of iron and diminish nerve impulse transmission... read more at: http://www.ionizers.org/soft-drinks.html

Glorious, life giving caffeine too. Increases heart rate, gives headaches if you stop taking it, but makes life worth living.

Let me say first that drinking litres of pop is not good for you due to the high caloric value of it and the lack of other nutritional substance. But over 90% of what this mis-infographic is simply not true. So let's do a little mythbusting: 1. Phosphoric acid... you're DNA is made out of it. And unless you rip out your bones and soak them in it, it won't do anything to them. Teeth: the real problem is not brushing regularly. 2. Define "excessive" and "artificial". (Non-caloric artificial sweeteners don't affect one's health). 3. "Carmel" is not a chemical; it's a substance, and it does add flavour. 4. Aspartame is a dipeptide of two peptides that our body uses to make proteins. The human body is quite capable of digesting such innocuous chemicals which are NECESSARY for life. 5. "General scientific consensus regarding high-fructose corn syrup is that it is likely not significantly more detrimental to health than other types of sugars." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_effects_of_high-fructose_corn_syrup 6. "Taking the worst example found to date of a soft drink containing 87.9 ppb benzene, someone drinking a 350 ml (12 oz) can would ingest 31 μg (micrograms) of benzene, almost equivalent to the benzene inhaled by a motorist refilling a fuel tank for three minutes." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzene_in_soft_drinks (Also, most pop is sold in aluminium containers). 7. "Food Dyes"... which ones? Do ALL cause "impaired brain function"? No. Probably not.

It takes 36 glasses of good ALKALINE WATER to counteract the acidity of ONE soda pop. Seriously, it is one of THE most damaging things you can do to your body. If you want your body to be a very acidic (disease-friendly, cancer-friendly) environment, just drink lots of soda. And know that your bone health is being permanently impacted too, if you drink soda regularly.

I like the people who are like "But it tastes good..." Know what? Go drink more of it. Then complain more about your stomach aches and problems. Then takes pills to deal with your stomach problems and migraine head aches you get from drinking soda. Then complain about how the pills don't really work but you have to keep taking them anyway....
Shut up and eat healthy. Drink some damn water for a change and start doing something good for yourself AND YOUR CHILDREN.

This is an utterly stupid comment. The most problematic compound in cola is caffein: that is the one that makes you crave more and gives you migraine, headaches. Also found in coffee. Yes. Carmel and food dyes are the same, so that one you can skip. And the formaldehydestory is bare nonsens, it doesn't appear when you digest aspartame. It is in a lot of shampoos though. HFCS is not in the cola containing aspartame and vice versa and artificial sweeteners don't make you crave more, they just don't satisfy your hunger (research!). Sugars do make you crave more, but only when you are insulin resistent already. I am not a fan of cola and I never drink it, but please make sure you check your facts before you spread crap over the internet. Marketeers have lied enough to us. Don't do the same. And bet what, aspartame doesn't make women deliver prematurely, it is also the caffein. I have seen aspartame the last years being blamed for a lot of damage in fact caffein does. Please clear up this confusion.

This picture is kind of misleading:

Phosphoric acid will also strip the calcium from your bones and deposit it in your kidneys as kidney stones, but that only applies to (mostly) brown sodas and iced teas. (Not applicable to all sodas).

Formaldehyde is ONLY present when it is going through secondary and tertiary metabolic activity of aspartame; which there has been no conclusive evidence linking the ingestion rates of a normal, dietary intake, as a risk for increase occurances of cancer and at least 13 food agencies internationally have disproved/dispelled the Ramazzi claims (not to mention following systemic failures in disclosures and reporting in his method).