Yeah pharmaceuticals don't benefit from people being healthy! Power to better nutrition to the people!

one can eat healthy on any budget.

Processed foods and eating out is way more expensive than buying organic veggies and avoiding GMOs.

Those berries in the bottom right corner look delicious.

I heard on public radio some people did some research & it's actually not more expensive to eat healthy. I've actually been noticing it myself. It costs like what .. almost 4 dollars for a bag of chips .. for that you could get a decent serving of this.

If you don't pay for healthy foods now, you pay more later in terms of diabetes and heart meds, as well as time off work due to ill health. At the very least I think everyone can afford the cheaper healthy foods such as beans and pulses (I
doubt they are more expensive than fast foods). Cutting down on meat intake and switching to cheaper cuts of meat can also help people remain in budget.

If you only live in an apartment, there should still be room to at least plant a window box or pot of cress or herbs by the window, or if you're lucky enough to be in the UK- you can join the 'land share' scheme (ie borrowing the use of a neighbor's garden to grow veg).

I hate the pharmacy sooo much!! I wanna stay healthy so I don't have to deal with their nonsense