Amazing Facts about the Human Heart


♥ The heart begins to form in the fetus before the brain.

♥ The average heart beats 110,000 times a day, 40 million times a year, 3.5 billion times in a lifetime.

♥ Your heart produces enough power in 1 hour to lift 2,000 pounds 3 feet off the ground. In one hour and 15 minutes the heart could lift a Toyota Prius!

♥ The source of the heartbeat is in the heart, not the brain. When they do a heart transplant ,they cannot reconnect the heart and brain. The heart beats on its own.

♥ The electrical impulse of each heart beat can be measured 3 to 4 feet from the body.

♥ The electrical impulse of the heart is 40 - 60 times stronger than the brain. It is many more times stronger than any other electrical impulse in the body.

♥ The heart sends more information to the brain, than the brain does to the heart.

♥ The heart's vascular system is 60,000 miles long and can wrap around the earth twice.

♥ Different people's (or even animal's) heart cells, will all beat in unison in a petrie dish. Different people's brain cells in a petrie dish will not communicate with each other and die.

♥ The electricity generated by the heart can be detected and measured in the brain patterns of another person nearby.

♥ Your heart actually has its own brain, a brain that is fifty times more powerful electrically, and five thousand times more powerful magnetically, than the brain in your head.

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