Many health issues are caused and sustained by a ph imbalance in the body wherein the environment has become over-acidic, commonly known as Acidosis. On one side of the ph scale we have an 'acidic' environment, and on the other, an 'alkaline' environment. We want our bodies to be balanced between the two, technically... just slightly alkaline. Acidosis is a ph imbalance leaning to the acidic side, where the acidic environment initiates gradual havoc to all systems in the body by fostering prime conditions for all dis-ease. Think of a swimming pool for a moment. When it is in an acidic state, it turns green & stagnant, microbes get out of control / take over, and it doesn't look or smell good. When the pool's ph is balanced again, it sparkles, is clear and reflects light beautifully. Being made of primarily water, we are living bodies of water as well, and we need a balanced ph to keep our body clean, clear, and sparkling. Inflammation, pain, joint issues, diabetes, cancer, gastro issues, immune deficiency, infections, artery issues, skin conditions, acid reflux, stagnant blood, tumors, candida, etc. Many of the effects associated with these issues begin to disappear when acid-forming foods are eliminated (meat, dairy, coffee, bread, alcohol, sodas, processed foods & sugars, etc.) from the diet and replaced with alkalizing & nutritious Earth foods / higher quantities of pure water all throughout the day. Doing so neutralizes the excess acids, which restores balanced ph and thus, health. - Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg brand - 2 tbsp in tea cup's worth of pure spring water 1-2x a day - $5 a bottle) is a powerful tool that can be used to quickly help re-balance ph temporarily. Although we think of vinegar as acidic, real Apple Cider Vinegar holds ph-balancing properties after ingestion... as does lemon. They help neutralize the excess acids in the body and when taken regularly, ph balance can be sustained. Many people combine the two with water for their daily health tonic. If you or someone you know are experiencing these types of conditions, you can get relief by making a few changes in your diet. Eliminating the acidic foods that cause dis-ease in exchange for the life-giving foods is something that transforms lives. Even juicing 1-2 organic cucumbers, celery stalks, kale / spinach / romaine with lemon in 1 homemade juice a day can be seriously life changing. One raw, uncooked organic salad with fresh vegetables a day also raises and balances ph. Once you start, you just stick to it to each day. Ph testing strips (to test urine and saliva) are affordable and you can use them to learn where your own ph is at - these strips can be found in health food stores, in pool cleaning sections, or online. Lift your glasses to improved health and fun living by eating / drinking the fresh Earth foods each day that actually make the body feel amazing and ward off dis-ease!