Calcium supplements contain a form of calcium that the body doesn't metabolize and benefit from like it does with plant-based sources of calcium. The medical journals are overflowing with data showing increased calcification & clogging of arteries / increased blood pressure in those taking calcium supplements and drinking conventional milk. Avoiding this harmful calcification can be done by switching to plant-based sources like Chia Seeds & Sesame Seeds. The same goes for all minerals, plants have already metabolized them from the soil for you in a language your body understands and can now utilize. You wouldn't scrape shavings off of a slab of iron to get the iron your body needs. You would get it by enjoying some pumpkin seeds, quinoa, blackstrap molasses, or spirulina, for example. Nor would you scrape calcium from a rock to get your calcium (which is what is in many supplements). Plant-based vitamins and minerals are ones your body knows how to utilize for optimum health. Sesame seeds also contain high levels of magnesium, so when added to silica-rich foods like sunflower seeds, horsetail (herb), or green pepper, you have the proper natural building blocks for true bone, nail, and skin health.