"In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical." - Congressional Record 21 July 1976

Fluoride is naturally occurring in some Water supplies, especially in eastern Africa. I dont think all of those people get cancer from the water.

there are also several websites devoted to ending water fluoridation such as http://www.fluoridealert.org/researchers/professionals-statement/

search for how fluoride harms our body and the use of fluoride in Nazi concentration camps. Not necessarily cancer is by water, but it certainly is the industrial and transgenic foods.

The fluoride that is dumped in our water supply is actually a hazardous waste product from aluminum manufacturing. There are different types of fluoride and the one we ingest and bathe in is indeed a hazardous waste product.

calcium fluoride is good 4 us and occurs naturally in plants, but its sodium fluoride they put in our water which is an industry bi product that is toxic.

I've been seeing these posts on Facebook a lot lately & I too wonder how true it is. 9 years ago when my daughter was a baby I used to buy special water for her. It was marketed as baby water with floride. Now, I feel like a fool.
True or not, it's something we've all excepted as normal. And now I realize that messing with our water supply is NOT normal.
Most people don't have dental insurance. Even though we know poor oral care can lead to more complex physical problems (malnutrition, pain & even effect the health of your heart)
What happens to the families all across our nation that do not have city water supplies.? Who have well water? Do they have more dental issues? Do they have fewer rates of cancer?
Lots of questions. Deserving of some further research for sure.

if you were wondering why some people don't get cancer even though they are infinitely exposed to it? think about your diet, your food, what you eat, what you consume, how persistently, daily? weekly? what do and what dont you do regularly and rarely? there are herbs and fruits and all kinds of things that battle the formation of cancer and prevent cancer...more so than chemo!!!! far more so!!! AND!!!! if you want to know why they are trying tio kill us, two reasons...one, killing us slowly requires A LOT of moneys worth of medical help. profit. TWO!!! population control is a huge secret motivation for a lot of important worldwide groups. their goal is moderation, which means obtaining their goal while not seeming so passionate about doing so, and seeming like that is actually their goal. i hope these words help clear up some confusion. love love and love!

distill water is one option .... brush ur teeth with a dry brush after every meal , do not use any toothpaste .... i have been doing it for many years now after a Yogi's advice .... my teeth are stronger than ever .... i never go to a dentist .... watch nature watch the animals we can find solutions from nature :)

http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/fluoridated-water "The review included data from more than 50 human epidemiological studies and six animal studies. The Subcommittee concluded that none of the data demonstrated an association between fluoridated drinking water and cancer"

Toothpaste is excellent for rat poisoning.read carefully what's written on toothpastes if you are getting fluoride from another source ask your doctor.

oh wow, a dot gov cancer site says it doesnt? hmmm, thats interesting. theres also bullshit articles circulating claiming that yerba mate causes cancer. believe that one too? honestly sometimes i feel like its a good thing there is a ton of population control through ignorance. better for the human race in the long run. flouride also accumulates in the pineal gland. so...if there is ever a major shift in consciousness that has to do with activation of the pineal gland or something, and yours is clogged with flouride, that may be slightly inconvenient lol. and then to double the suckage, you'll have cancer. a cancer ridden, left behind to be eliminated from the evolutionary path....anyways, ill choose a lifetimes worth of evidence, articles, etc over one government funded article any day.

Studies show that fluorosis occurs above 2mg/l, at least half the levels of that recommended by WHO and 0.5mg/l more than the WHO maximum