its the vinegar my dad use to male us drink a half off a glass when we would get sick.

I drink a shot every morning and every night. It is my "cure everything" potion.

Most people agree, however, that taking small doses of ACV mixed with water is the better way — for instance, 1 teaspoon mixed with ½ liter of water taken 3 times/day.

Another option is to combine 1/8 cup of ACV with 8 oz. of water and sip this tincture throughout the day.

Some sources recommend larger doses of up to 2 tablespoons mixed in water and taken before each meal.

If the taste disagrees with you, try increasing the ratio of water to vinegar, adding honey to your concoction, or mixing it into apple juice or herbal tea instead of water.

If your stomach feels upset after taking a dose, a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda can help settle it.

If you’re unable to ingest the mixture, another allergy-relieving option might be to inhale the vapors. This can open your nasal passages, decrease mucus production, and calm allergic reactions.

Warning: Drinking and/or inhaling the fumes of this powerful, acidic substance too much or too often can actually damage the mucus membrane, so caution should be exercised not to overuse it.

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Works for me, have been taking it for years, mix 1-2 table spoons with 16 oz water, make sure it's unfiltered unpasturized with the Mother, to improve the taste add a little sea salt.
Cleared up my post nasal drip, also good for high blood sugar.

Also kills yeast and bladder infections. I know because that is what I use. About 2 teaspOons in H2O three times a day.